Quick Tips for Repairing Your Credit Report

Lower Your Credit Card Balances: Does this seem boring or just plain unrealistic? As tough as it seems this is a big credit repair factor. But it need not be hard. The lower your credit card balances are the higher your scores will be. The great news is that high balances do no long term credit repair damage. Chip away when you can and watch your scores pop up.

Open Two New Credit Cards: If you have had credit issues, this credit repair tip may sound like an impossible dream. If you thought you would have to wait years before rebuilding your credit here is some great news. You can do it today with secured credit cards and your scores will start climbing before you know it. Get two small secured cards for the biggest benefit. It is easy and you will not get denied regardless of your past history.

Professional Card Management Techniques: Once you have your two new cards you will want to get the most out of them by employing these easy FICO score friendly credit repair strategies. Use your cards when you get them, but use less than 20 percent of the available limit. And when you get the bill do not pay if off entirely. Leave a little on the card to insure that it continues to report as active. It is that easy! Soon your scores will be climbing.

Get a Good Report and Proofread It: One of the most obscure credit repair tips, but one of the most important is to select a credit report that will facilitate the ease of accurate proofreading. The reports that you are permitted for free one time per year may cost nothing, but you will be getting what you pay for. A better bet for your project is to invest 15 or 20 dollars in a good tri-merged report that is designed for clarity. You will be amazed at how easy the right tools can make your job.

Get Redundant Collections Deleted: Once you have your nice credit report, here is a quick and cool credit repair tip that just might make a big difference. By law, when a collector sells a debt to another company or returns it to the original creditor they must withdraw their own account from your credit report. Hence, if your credit report examination reveals duplicate collections you should dispute the older one. You may find more than one duplicate. If this is the case dispute all but the most recent. They will fall right off and you will be looking good!


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