Money & Time Saving Tips for a Successful Move

Moving out to a new home is one of the most stressful things to do for anyone. It is considered a difficult time for the whole family to depart from the place they once loved and move to a new environment. The fear of new adjustment worries the family for days aside from the bounty of things to pack. Although there are professional moving companies offering their packing and moving services for a fee, still there are some things that need to be taken care of weeks in advance. To minimize problems, here are some helpful packing tips for moving:

1. Purchase packing boxes of varying sizes for packing to be done ahead of time. Big boxes should hold the lighter materials while small boxes are used for the heavier things. Ensure that extra number of boxes is bought to eliminate unnecessary fear when there are still many things needing to be packed. Many people panic when there is no more time to run and purchase additional boxes and try to make do with what is at hand. Sometimes, the things aren't carefully packed anymore because of the less and hurried time for the last minute job.

2. Packing should be done with a checklist on hand. This is to make sure that nothing is forgotten and left behind. A checklist serves as a reminder on the tasks that were completed and those that still need to be done. With a checklist, everything is smoothly prepared, commenced and finished. Packing is done in a systematic and an organized manner such as working from one room to another until everything is over and done with.

3. Labeling of the packed items is imperative. Important data should be written on the boxes in bold letters so that it is easily read. Aside from that, delicate items should be labeled with highly noticeable colored lettering "FRAGILE" for everyone to see. This is to ensure that the box is handled with care that minimizes damages of the things placed inside. Labeling also includes to what room the box will be carried after unloading for ease in locating and unpacking the contents.

4. Remind each member of the family to do the rounds of the rooms before leaving. This is to ensure that everything is in place and nothing is left behind, especially shoes, slippers, clothes and toiletries that were used up to the scheduled day for moving. Allot a special box for putting these items as these will be the ones first unpacked as soon as the family arrives at the new home.

These are simple tips to be completed but when followed, will make the major tasks of packing fast, effortless, and trouble-free.

Before the move is also important to organize truck rentals for moving that will transport the belongings to the new home. A budget moving truck can save money on the proper truck rental service.


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